• September 24, 2015

Background of the Project

Secondhand digital products are a huge market. However, used digital products market have two problems: one is how users understand, evaluate and select second hand digital products. The second is how users purchase the ideal second hand digital products.
On the first point when a digital product is launched, the public, and the media often cast a lot of attention and information on it  very much. However, due to the quick digital product updates, and after a period, consumers are hard to know “not new” performance at the current point of time. Once the product testing does not apply to sometime after the evaluation of the product. According to our survey, this lack of information also makes quite a few potential customers buying second hand digital products.
Second due to the uneven quality of secondhand digital products, evaluation criteria are not unified, to both buyers and sellers causing distress, physical item significantly and seriously affecting both sides trading experience.

Project Description

“Scrap soldier” is a second hand consumer digital product, information and trading platform. Collection of original information, information aggregation, C2C, B2C, C2B2C trading as a whole, beyond the current second hand digital platform for the users better experience.

  1. Passive digital product enthusiasts for seed users, with Baidu post bar app, podcast sites such as Youku, bilibili, established media. At present the “scrap soldier” Baidu post bar number of fans has reached thousands of people testing video playback volume totaled hundreds of thousands of times. Got recognition and support from many users.
  2. Scrap metal bottle App (Android), launched after strong subscriber growth and activity.


Project planning

Immediate Objectives

To further strengthen the evaluation of video inputs, while developing other information dissemination programs (such as the frontiers of science series video news, and other topics, and so on), to further expand the influence and expand the potential user groups.

Long-term Objective

Build online C2C platform, to authenticate the excellent second hand digital product merchants, perfect passive transaction details for digital products with more credible, thoughtful second hand digital product-shopping guide.
C2B2C trading platform built abridge for consumer transactions, between the end-consumer, and to validate the trade items, cleaning, packaging, and saving C2C transaction during their time spent at both ends, to optimize their trading experience.


Baidu: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%B7%CF%CC%FA%D5%BD%CA%BF&fr=ala0
In Youku and bilili it can be directly searched using keywords, “scrap soldier” watch test video

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