On April 1, 2015 morning, vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, Zhang Daohong, policy research office of the provincial government, the provincial government secretariat, provincial science and technology Department and other officials visited lightning incubator inspected the incubator, and was accompanied by professor Li Jin, founder of the incubator, and part of the founding team.


During the visit, one of lighting incubators project manager to the MU sound technology CEO YU Chen displayed and illustrated the MU sound technology headphone products to Mr. Zhang Daohong. The governor personally got to experience the 3D customized headset and gave a high evaluation. Governor confirmed lightning incubator as a micro-enterprise in technological innovation, promoting the technology transfer plays an important role. He points out that work must pay attention to technological innovation and entrepreneurship, advocating that the Government should vigorously create a good business environment and actively support science and technology innovation and development of enterprises.
Next the campus lightning incubator entrepreneurs were promoted to the next level, making entrepreneurship more successful and to take “+venture” parallel development approach. Whether you are a student or have graduated, if you think you are ready to toss, and work together with us, you are welcome to join.
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