Global Entrepreneurship Week Xi’an China

The Global Entrepreneurship Week took three consecutive days, and attracted a large number of participants who came to watch the exhibition. AnkiDrive, Parrot MiniDrones, The ONE smart piano, Sphero BB-8 Droid, DJI UAV aircraft, DJI OSMO cloud, 3D VR Virtual Reality Helmet Glasses, Dancing Robots, Rumbling machines, Thermal printer, Sugr speakers, BrainLink Lite, Bento Box I smart grip, Sweettips the secret mirror, Qlippie Camera, XBOX, Scooters and son on. The interactive demos brought new and exciting experiences.




▲Inspire 1 Four Axle UAV Remote control


▲The ONE Smart Piano


 ▲New smart grip and wrist ball movement artifact


▲MEMOBIRD Thermal Printer was very outstanding





▲Children playing different kinds of Games


▲Sugar Cube, Bento Close Contact Wireless Speaker, Brainlink



▲Hand-made Leather

15 16

▲Writing and Drawing Mechanical Arm

17 18

▲Careful cutting knives face value play

19 20 21

▲3D Printing


▲Middle School Students doing Programming

23 24

▲Water Rocket


Guests’ from the business, turning ideas into real products. Every guest will have to go through the painful process. The afternoon of November 21, led by 916 Shaanxi traffic radio’s “entrepreneurship, youth”, created a forum, inviting hackerspace co-founder Henry, included garlic co-founder Yang bin, design Director of garlic products grace Chin stronger, from idea to practice on behalf of Eggplant technology CEO Li Chunyong, Shaanxi Jia Xuan’s law firm co-founder and Cao Peng bring a practical experience for everyone to share.

25 26 27 28Marathon from hacker-space, founder of robots, Dr robot mobile Internet programming organized by the leading Marathon, Marathon, dance competitions, as well as open source hardware LEGO robot competition, after 48 hours of close developments, we met our final party on November 22 in the afternoon.

29▲Ten Robots Perform on Stage

30 ▲Team Members line up while the spectators vote for the best


▲Expression Builder project road show

32▲Dancing Robot’s Team Photo

34▲The competition’s first prize winners

35At this point sponsored by by Shaanxi science and technology Resource center, lighting Incubator and hacker-space that jointly hosted the 2015 global business technology resource center was ended, but creation and innovation continues