Lightning Entrepreneurial Incubator is an organization to incubate and accelerate campus-based startups, founded in Oct 2013. It focuses on early-stage TMT(Telecommunication, Media, Technology) projects.


  • World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community
  • Youth Business China (YBC)
  • Xi’an local government departments


  • Startup projects incubating
  • Innovation collaboration platform
  • Entrepreneurship education



Lightning Entrepreneurial Incubator was founded by some young entrepreneurs, and was supported by various professionals, entrepreneurs and government officials. The cofounders team acts as the board of directors, to make strategic plans and decisions. The management team is to execute common affairs and the advisory team is to provide professional guidance.

Cofounders Team

LI Jin (Paul), Cofounder of JoyActive Inc., Assistant Prof of Xidian U, Curator of World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community Xi’an Hub
SONG Dong, Founder of Yixiang Pinjian, former director of Internet Business Group of Yulong Corporation
SUN Bin, CEO & President of Shanghai Chengkai Technology, founder of MogoOS and Mogo Phone
ZHOU Liang, CEO of Nice Digital
FENG Lin (Gabriel), Founder of Shuke Networks

Management Team

LI Jin (Paul), YAO Chengzao, CHEN Shenghui, WU Jianrong, LI Rui (Rell), TANG Qiao, QIN Changbao, CHEN Yunqiang (Cheny), LIU Yang, CHEN Fengjun, CHEN Bingyao, YANG Ning, WEI Wei, XU Wei, SU Jingxin

Advisory Team

WANG Jing, Cofounder of DailyYoga
GUO Xin, CEO of, Cofounder of
SUN Jian, Cofounder of Huayi Inc.
ZHANG Nan, Founding team member of Wandoujia
LIU Wei, E-Commerce pioneer
WU Qun, General Manager of Yuandaolong Investment
CHANG Liang, Investment manager of IDG VC
MA Jiajun, President of GreePark
ZHU Chen, Consultant of ThoughtWorks, UX designer
GAO Quan, Partner of Shaanxi Haipu Law Firm

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