• May 5, 2016
Bai Nong Ma

Project introduction:

Bai Nong MA is a national fresh raw material supply to 2 million small and medium restaurant service platform
Bai Nong Ma was founded in September 2015, focused on providing our restaurant food raw material distribution, is facing the country’s 2 million small and medium restaurants by Bai Nong Ma Weixin client, anywhere, anytime to order food, order through the white horse efficient speedy processing of the powerful back-end supply chain system. Through the third-party logistics team to distribution to restaurants.
Bai Nong MA is committed to building efficient supply chain system, direct realization of agricultural products from the fields to the table.

Team background:

Fei fan: Takeaway core team.
Yang Fu Tian: CEO chef, founder and former five star Ctrip fly exchange core team.
Jia wei wei: COO.
Zheng hongtao: Product director/network founder.
Zhang Jin Hong: Purchasing Director, 10 years catering experience in procurement and purchasing manger.

Current progress:

Services restaurant, bringing the total to 200, daily sales of tens of thousands of Yuan, Zhou Fu purchases of up to 80%. Has been covering high-tech district Weiyang district, XI ‘ an area, restaurant service is growing rapidly.

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