• September 19, 2015

Project Introduction

BorroMe is a college students P2P microfinance shopping service platform. Students with low interest installments shopping as the starting point, respectively, from 3C digital products, education and training, tourism, and other consumer installment IOUs to college. Students advance to provide financial services paid to establish reputation, the accumulation of customers; at the same time, to guide the user in his staging Post inner “circle” financial Subscription information so that the user’s entry jackfruit as finance, forming community-based unit mode.


Team Introduction

Huang Canbin: CEO and founder
Li Xiaolong: CTO
Li Kaixin: Mobile platforms
Pan Wenbin: Channel
Cheng Ying Chi: Operations director

Project Progress

2014: Students staged “Love stages” projects in Fuzhou on the line, when the quarterly turnover of one million.
2015: BorrowMe was renamed to increase P2P microfinance service for college students.
2015: Some products were renamed in Xinjiang Company in order to avoid future troubles