• September 28, 2015

Project Introduction

Chejiaxiang is an automotive aftermarket localized Online to Offline car service platform.

The platform now has many users and owners of best auto service business contracts in Xi’an  and has stable development and rapid growth rate. Joint business network in China CITIC Bank, China Union Pay, Changan core partners such as banks, for owners to create the best automotive service experience.

Project History

May 2014, Chejiaxiang was renamed the bus lane network online car service mall.

April 2014, Got the first round of Angel investment Funds.

February 2014, Established a strategic cooperative relations with China CITIC Bank Xi’an Branch, to jointly launch the ultimate car service and internet banking services to members.

January 2014, Chejiaxiang formally launched on a number of micro letters and site features on phone Applications.

November 26, 2013, Chejiaxiang membership card system officially launched operation.
November 2013, Chejiaxiang was founded to establish strategic partnerships with Huashang, joint construction.
May 30 2013, Due to the upstream operations and the strategic adjustments of the company’s capital, the chamber Hui Car Network termination operations.
June 2011, Chejiaxiang business model to explore the predecessor of “Chinese Business Hui Car network” online operations.

Main Members of the Team

Ji Wanlin: Co-founder & CEO
Li Jin: Co-founder
Xu Zhe: Co-founder & COO
Zhao Hui Bing: Head of Operations

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