• September 18, 2015
Excellent 3D-Tech

Project Introduction

Excellent dimensional team’s main product and R&D projects for are for the clinical applications of digital orthopedics, including clinical diagnosis, assisted surgical planning, surgical simulation surgical precision navigation template, personalized prosthesis design, and manufacturing.
This project will be an interactive patient’s medical imaging dimensional imaging data into 3D stereoscopic image, to achieve 3D dimensional structure mode. Medical error correction 3D dimensional finite element analysis of data generated by the reconstruction preoperative planning and follows up optimized design of the prosthesis. Through human musculoskeletal model of multi-body dynamics simulation surgery program for the realization of surgical precise, navigation and provide data to support the prosthesis design and manufacture complete personalized prosthesis by 3D printing technology, surgery patient personalized and comprehensive technical services.


Team Introduction

Liu Zhou:
Doctor, Surgeon and  orthopedics, has extensive clinical experience, and full participation in the treatment of cases of pelvic tumors.
Wang Yong Qin:
Dr in Genetics, has extensive research experience in biological tissue and genetic monitoring, and BGI project mainly involved staff.
Zhang Xuan:
PhD in mechanical engineering, under the tutelage of Professor Jin Zhongmin Scholar.
Liang Junhua:
Ph.D. in computer science has extensive experience in the design and operation of internet platform.