• September 18, 2015
Haiii Tech

Project Introduction

This is the first product of marine science and technology, which uses radio communication, no SIM card and mobile phone base stations or fees. Just the device is needed and the phone is connected. When the phone is connected, you will be able to see the dynamic dog. It works, within 400 meters range, in open areas such as parks it can reach up to 1000 meters, GPS positioning accuracy up to 3 meters. The most interesting is that the hardware has a function of dogs pose recognition and currently can recognize actions such a jump, and turn. More recognition features will be added.

Product Features

Firstly, activity monitoring gives information on the pet’s daily activities and sleep; early warning  of disease, and the health of the dog.
Secondly, walking the dog at night. Walk the dog at night, and then you can see it all at once. Three color of red, green and blue, lets your pet be extraordinary.
Thirdly, the dog cannot be lazy, the built-in ambient light sensor accurately judges whether the indoor or outdoor can urge you to be a more loving pet owner.
Finally, QR codes used to  find the dogs, each of the devices have unique QR code information. This information includes contact details for the owner of the pet.

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