• August 31, 2014
Musign Ears

Project Introduction

Our custom molded earphones are made in our professional earmold laboratory at Shaanxi innovation space, and all required is, you must provide us with an impression/photo of each ear for which you need the product to be made.
These ear impressions allow us to provide a full custom fit. These are professionally molded to perfectly fit in your unique ears. That custom fit provides superb quality, comfort, and sometimes blocking of outside noise for clearer hearing. These are the in-ear monitors’ serious musicians use and even daily people.
Getting impressions of your ears for custom-made earphones is not hard. In the past, getting an ear impression required a visit to an audiologist or other medical professions. But with our advanced technology we just require you to take a clear picture of your unique ears, give it to us then we use our unique ways to do for yourself custom impression kit, allowing you to own ear molds in the comfort of your own home.
Note that custom monitors (earphones) are essentially top-quality made earphones. As such, they are also excellent for the most demanding music lovers, providing the best listening experience possible from an earphone.

Members of the Core Team

Yu Chen: Co-founder & CEO. Xi’an University of Science and Technology Masters in Microelectronics student, iron headphone enthusiasts, good physical product realization, and attention to detail and focus on the direction a long time engaged in the pursuit of excellence.
Responsible for product and technology development in the team. In addition, college students won 2010 title prize in Shaanxi province.
Zhou Wei: Co-founder & COO Xi’an University of Electronic and Technology Master of Microelectronics graduate, depth study of network marketing, good organization, maintains network community and has practical experience in sales. Customize channel is primarily responsible for the promotion and marketing of the headset.
Qi Wei Jia: Co-founder & Director of Design. Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Department of Industrial Design. Won the 2013 German Red Dot Design Grand Award, 2011 got American industrial Designers Society International Design Excellence Award (IDEA2011), 2012 and millet tied for China (Wuxi) Industrial Design excellence awards.
Now inthe team is mainly responsible for product design, brand and intelligent manufacturing direction.

Progress of the Project

High-end and quality music custom headset products have entered sales and market feedback is very good. The entertainment industry  has seen famous musicians and multiverse top bands make private custom headphones.
New products are in the process of being developed, and will soon be coming.
It has been a well-known domestic investments company several one million yuan angel investment. We carried out a number of media reports i.e. (Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV and move-point technology, etc.)

Project Events

2012: Beginning of the project and initial product development trial.
June 2013: After four generations of product development, as well as continuous accumulation of technology, complete product stereotypes, and using technology. Raw materials and technology have reached the international advanced level in the industry.
July 2013: Tencent Dagin Network carried out a reports on the team, during the  same period also micro-blog Renren, Sina microblogging and other social media. There has also been widespread attention in headphone enthusiasts group. http://xian.qq.com/a/20130730/018837.html
October 2013: Went to lightning incubators, incubator became the first settled team.
November 2013: Internet conference debate in Shaanxi and concerns on the internet community.
February 2014: Developed and launched the world’s first 3D printing customized headset and patent. A brand “sounds Plume” was given new name “Mu Voice”, a registered company, “Mu sheng electronics Technology Co. Ltd.
June 2014: A number of media groups have reported, including Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, fixed-point technology and other media groups.
July 2014: Launching new product lines for development.
September 2014: CCTV interview, Mu sound and Lighting incubator and CCTV hear the world, Focus column reports.


September 2014: Mayor of Xi’an city Dong Jun Mu heard the sound team and lighting incubator presentation, team designer explained to the mayor Mu Dong Jun about the headphone sound design and technical conditions.
September 2014: Got the number of domestic well-known investment institutions to invest one million yuan angel funds.
The team now has the country’s top electron-acoustic measurement tuning technology, high level of industrial design and industrialization of customized production capacity and has the ability to channel sales online and offline. The team continues to try to breakthrough technology and process solutions customized manufacturing problems, substantial iterative upgrades, and brand planning and developed a blueprint for future development.