• September 22, 2015

Project Introduction

The transformation of traditional intelligent toys, smart phones, and tablet Apps combines communication via Bluetooth, WiFi, Voice touch etc. to form a combination of hardware and networking interactions, create a new generation of children’s toys experience.
Deep studies of the characteristics of children’s growth, starting from single product and gradually build platform products.

Team Introduction

The team was founded during the end of 2014, eight member from the NPU, the western Electric Shaanxi HKUST, Shaanxi Normal University and other students in the composition. Core members won the National Robotics competition, the Robot soccer world Cup, and the national under water vehicle design and production contest championship, rich experience in project management. Have a strong foundation in embedded software and hardware technology, mobile internet software, structural design, industrial design and other fields. It has developed four portable gas detection equipment; aerospace in a hospital on a certain type of aircraft part of structure; FPGA-BASED OFDM system; small batch production of universal U shield Button device.

Vacancies Needed

Product Manager


      1. Understand children’s products.
      2. Must gave strong interest in the development of innovative products.
      3. Must have a certain sufficient time and to be fully cooperative with the team members