• May 5, 2016
NiBa MakerSpace

Project Introduction:

Niba Makerspace was founded on April 15, 2014, it is an innovation and entrepreneurship to provide a variety of services to our guests of the new community. Provide free and open collaboration environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and encourage cross-border exchanges, promotion of ideas and products. Provides basic prototyping equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutting machines, electronic equipment, machining equipment, party and organizes a wealth of activities and workshops at various levels, and provide technical support for innovative projects and help finance its development.
Niba Makerspace advocates all the makerspace concept, advocates the practice and to enhances the climate for innovation, improving the business environment.
Niba Makerspace is a social networking platform as rich brought together a variety of resources, from all areas of interest, resources, skills, interesting person, help participants to network, find resources, personal development, and so on.
Niba Makerspace, through the Organization of interdisciplinary exchange and training, helps participants increase their knowledge and skills through organizing workshops, where participants had to start from 0 to 1 of the production process, make a cool showing off your work.
NiBa Makerspace has and will continue to grow, a variety of equipment, tools and instruments, eventually evolved into works can help you turn your ideas into fully functional micro-Creative Centre, we will also contribute pieces of product.