• September 21, 2015

Project Introduction

Page 7 is a fun UGC internet audio platform. Using rich content topics to introduce user participation UGC, and user generated content. Sets to form a high quality audio products, personal sharing, integration and sales, formed by combining Internet and traditional audio production market patterns.

Team Background

Rong Cao Millenium Project Sponsors
Professional practitioners in the field, is now acting as the national provincial Top10 music publicist, communication university of china communication studies graduate student, Germany Friedrich scholarship winners, who Germany voices reporter host, audio production
Guan Yu
Shanghai Fudan University School of Journalism
Australia University of Melbourne International
Chris and Gary Technology Implementation
Xidian University Graduate
Geng Liang Design Implementlist
Xi’an University Graduate

Project Progress

  • 2014.10 Initial ideas

2014.12 Orientation planning, market research, creative turmoil, component start-up teams

  • 2015.2 Prototyping
  • 2015.5 Demo test
  • 2015.7 Product line

Positions Needed

  • Server-side Development Engineer (1 person needed)
  • Android Development Engineer (1 person needed)
  • Test Engineer (1 person needed)
  • Operations Manager (1 person needed)