• September 22, 2015

Project Introduction

This is a campus sharing platform and cloud printing. For college students to save printing time, improve printing experience, share information and easy access to the school, for traditional print shops, efficient collection print orders, rush hour diversion and streamline the printing process. For advertisers, advertising precision, reducing launch costs, and improve advertising effectiveness.
Currently lightning incubator and Angle finance have invested in the Borrow Me projects.

Project Progress

2014.11: Formation of the team and project was officially launched.
2014.12: Website officially launched with more than 2000 registered users while building the                                 campus library.
2015.1: Business covered seven local universities in Xi’an.
2015.5: v2.0 launched.

Team Introduction

The team founders have extensive experience in offline activities, resources and offline print shop background.
The team members have a strong technical background, long-term operation experience and develop an effective outreach programme.

Contact Information