According to the characteristics of each project, team customization, providing depth of incubation, include three major core areas:

  1. Product build: needs to grasp, product positioning, user experience management, technical support, research and development
  2. Team: objectives, execution, management, culture, and personnel structure
  3. Business model build: the value from the user to the business value of upgrading (covers project)

Service Content

  1. General guidance: providing daily guidance based on tracking of projects.
  2. Business consultant mentors: An industrial mentor to go with quality teams, the other has the technology, management, marketing, investment, financial. Legal and business experts as consultants guide.
  3. Dock resources: resources of the industry chain, the industry’s leading investment institutions, recruitment channels, business development, and international platform.
  4. Office space: depending on your team needs to provide separate offices and open office area (station), meetings and activities, and share office facilities.
  5. Support services: company registration, tax agents, intellectual property, and legal support.